Shirin from Lebanon

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

hizballah continues the gravedigging

A year has passed since the war in Lebanon took the homes and lives of so many Lebanese people. Sitting here in Germany, away from the battlefield, I think of all my friends who have lost their families during that war, that served for nothing but excuse the miserable existence of Hizballah. I'm furious. Not only because they have caused so much destruction, but because they keep planning the next step. As if there hasn't been enough fighting and killing, they dig the graves of the next victims of their acts. And only because they know that their end is near. I quoted a line from Shakespeare's "Hamlet",in which the exiled prince returns to Denmark and finds a man digging a grave and singing. Hamlet asks whose grave it is, and after getting a shrewd answer, he tells the gravedigger that the grave must be his, since he is lying in it.