Shirin from Lebanon

Monday, July 31, 2006


    The news struck me.

    Every time I close my eyes I see the terrible pictures of the dead children. How can it be?? I hope with the help of Allah children won't suffer in this war anymore.
    Last night I could not sleep. I was crying and crying and the tears would not dry. Our dead children, the future of our beloved nation being taken out of the ruins, lay one by one in a long line of dead little bodies. How can that be?
    I couldn't eat anything either, I had no appetite. I felt helpless and hopeless. Did not Lebanon suffer enough? After so many years of war, death and destruction, we want to become part of the peaceful, civilized world. A world in which atfal (children) play and grow up and go to school, not die from a barbarian Israeli attack.
    I pray to Allah, that better day will come and that Inshallah, we will reconstruct our nation.
    I hope now the whole world understands that enough is enough… that war is not the solution… and negotiation is. I can not believe that someone deliberately kills little children… I refuse to believe it…But what Israel did is Majzara - massacre … I have no other word to describe this. Little children paid with their life. May this be the last victims of this unnecessary war.


  • Israel is not your problem. You are your own worse enemy. You allow a terrorist organization to operate in your country. Turning your back on the problem has lead to the deaths of scores of innocent people on both sides of the conflict. It is so easy to pass blame, when all you focus on is half the problem. The problems and conflicts will not go away through apathy. It is time for all citizens of Lebanon to protest and demand the dismantling of the root problem - Iran, Syria, and Lebanese Hezbollah. You control your own destiny.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:48 AM  

  • Dear anonymous,
    Israel is the one that destroyed that building in Qana and many Lebanese citizens, and children among them died.
    Even if you say that Israel is not the blame for this war... it does not mean that they can kill children.. our children, the future of our country.

    By Blogger Shirin, at 9:19 AM  

  • Killing children is (very) wrong.

    But not only Israel did it, but lebanon too.

    We weep with you.

    By Anonymous anotherAnonymous, at 9:40 AM  

  • I feel your pain.

    I am upset that my country is standing by turning a blind eye.

    People are dying, Childern, Elders...mothers, fathers, aunts and Uncles...

    Isreal should stop right now. Killing Childern is not the answer

    By Blogger Jia Li, at 10:08 AM  

  • War is not the answer, it is never an answer.
    Negotiation is the answer.
    Why simple people like me, can see that war can only make damage and massacre... never peace, and the politicians can't see this...They open their eyes when it is too late.
    I hope it won't be late for Lebanon.

    Lebanese be strong,
    Shirin from Lebanon

    By Blogger Shirin, at 10:22 AM  

  • War is never a good answer.
    but there are times in which it is the only answer aviliable.

    Children dying sucks. yet Children die in every war(on both sides). Hopfully in the end of this conflict there would be negotiations that would lead to a long term cease fire and the solving of outstanding issues between lebanon and Israel. However in the longterm unless the lebanese people disarm Hizbalha this conflict will resurface again in the future.


    By Blogger Shahar S, at 12:06 PM  

  • Hi Shirin,

    My sympathies are with you and your Lebanese brothers and sisters. It is also with the innocent victims in Israel.

    Israel has to exact revenge for historical and psychological reasons, it's called repetition-compulsion and is due to Holocaust worship.

    They, and other belligerent radicalized evangelical fundamentalists need to transfer the pain of their own perceived inadequacies onto others, today, it is the Lebanese, all days for the past few decades, it has been the Palestinians.

    They need, as all terrorists need, help; help to come to terms with the simple fact that violence begets violence, and if they sincerely want the violence to stop, they must stop.

    I notice an 'anonymous' has commented, I feel sorry for that person, as karma dictates they will befall an injury at some point in the future based on their words to you.

    Regs and stay strong, Shaggy

    By Blogger Shaggydabbydo, at 5:05 PM  

  • Dear Shirin -

    I will post part of my response to another forum here.

    I sympathize with your pain, and am also very sad about the little children from Qana.

    However, I think you are wrong to blame Israel.

    Here in England, too, some people, and the BBC, like to point the finger at Israel, and say how hienous their acts are. (We, the British, ourselves did much worse when we were dealing with the Irish from the IRA. Therefore I believe it is ridiculous for any Briton to criticise Israel, but that is another matter entirely...)

    Anyway, Israel is not DELIBERATELY targeting your civilians. They are the unfortunate byproducts of a war initiated by Hezbollah. The same Hezbollah who are not brave enough not to hide among civilians and fire rockets into Israel from populated areas. HEZBOLLAH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS IN QANA. They fired rockets from the building into Israel! Search the internet, CNN, SKY, FOX, YOU TUBE, everybody has the footage.

    Be upset - but direct your ire towards those who are ultimately responsible: HEZBOLLAH!

    I suggest you take a look at this article from the largest Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun:,,19955774-5007220,00.html

    Israel is not targeting your civilians. It is targeting Hezbollah, who initiated this fight.

    Hezbollah is no longer a resistance movement - the Shebaa farms is yet another preposterous excuse by Syria to try and claim yet another sliver of land from Israel and thus prolong the convoluted state in the region.

    Syria doesn't even recognize the sovereignty of Lebanon for christ's sake! Don't believe me? If you're in Lebanon go and try to find a Syrian Embassy or an Ambassador to Lebanon! Or if you're in Damsacus what about looking for a Lebanese mission? There are none!


    And that is the reason Syria (nor Lebanon, for that matter) has never provided any formal document on the cessation of the Shebaa farms to LB. Because if it did, it would be admitting Lebanon's right to independence from Syria.

    It is a baseless claim created by Syria and Hezbollah to justify in the year 2000 a continuation of a belligerant state on Lebanon's side towards Israel and justify Hezbollah's claim not to disarm and continue its "resistance" movement.

    Instead Lebanon, and the Lebanese should have had the courage to kick the Syrians out, disarm Hezbollah, and make peace with Israel.

    I'll spell it out for you:

    Israel is retaliating attacks from Hezbollah... too bad HA is so coward as to hide among civilians...

    Perhaps the truth is that HA are actually the clever ones here -- they are fighting in a win-win-win situation: 1) either they shell Israel, killing their civilians, and become more popular; or 2) they get targeted, but by hiding among and causing Israel to kill civilians, Lebanese (and the int'l community) slam Israel, and HA gains further popularity; or finally 3) the war ends, HA gets the upper hand, and guess what? they become more popular.

    Not a bad game, really!

    Too bad Lebanese and Israelis have to die in the process....

    By Anonymous Spell-It-Out, at 9:01 PM  

  • suggest you see the video... hezbollah fired rockets from the building in Qana,7340,L-3283816,00.html

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:20 PM  

  • Shirin excuse me for saying this but you must be mentally retarded if you think Israel killed the civilians in Qana on purpose. They said it was a mistake, that they didn't know about the civilians being there, that rockets were being launched close by, that the residnets were warned to leave days ago, and they apologized for it. So I can't believe you think it was on purpose. The most I would say is that they are quick to squeeze the trigger, but surely they don't intend to kill children. Obviously this was a negative development for Israel since now they face international criticism and pressure to stop the fighting before they achieve their declared goals. So even if you think they enjoy seeing lebanese civilians die, you should at least realize that from a strategic point of view they would not want this to happen.

    You need to try to think more clearly. Maybe your illogical statements are a result of the shock and rage you feel, just like anyone seeing this carnage....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:49 AM  

  • hi shirin
    we all share the same feelings, it's our country being destroyed..
    i say that no one can be blamed cz its the fault of all, first the lebanese people who never knew how to build a true country..
    they were never on the same opinion to free their country
    add to this all the political parts which lead lebanese youth into corruption
    in addition to this the militia who led all the country to this savage warhad never been controlled by the authorities...
    and we cant forget the israeli militants who have never had human sense doing all these masacres..

    Anyway shirin i want to thank you for working hard for your country like all of us do. so i'll always check your updates, do it too.
    and stay in touch

    By Blogger zouzou, at 5:12 AM  

  • You brought it upon yourselves!

    Thaks your Nassrallah and Hizballah !!!!

    By Anonymous abe bird, at 8:49 AM  

  • Hi spell-it-out,

    Can you link us to an article where the UK government killed 50+ civilians including 30+ children during their actions against the IRA?

    I doubt you can, but await your reply with interest.

    Also, can you point out where we bombed Dublin in retaliation for IRA actions.

    Again, I doubt you can, but await your reply with even more interest.

    Kind regards, Shaggy

    By Blogger Shaggydabbydo, at 8:55 AM  


    I agree with you that we did not kill that many civilians at once. What we did though, when the RBPR deliberately attacked the protesters in Derry is what I'd call not distinguishing military from civilian targets. Then and there, we deliberately targeted civilians.

    Go check any website - try google even: Derry, Ireland, 1972, British, parachute.

    For a chronology check

    Yes you are right - 13 Irish civilians are definitely worthless...

    You know the difference, though? We deliberately targeted civilians. Israel didn't.

    Despite that, most of us in the UK and Europe are quick at pointing the finger at Israel. It is easier to condemn when you are on the outside.

    I, too, would indeed love for a cease-fire to be reached and for no more civilians to die on either side. However, having served in the military, I can understand where the Israelis are coming from. As horrible as it is, the dead in Qana are a byproduct of the actions of HA who (in light of the evidence coming out in the media) did indeed target Israel from amongst the civilians in the area.

    One may argue it both ways that the Israelis advised civilians to leave, but on the other hand for various reasons those people could not or were prevented from departing.

    At the end of the day, I still strongly believe that the blame for those deaths still lie with HA. Especially in so far as they actually knew the civilians were there, and that Israel is bound to retaliate within minutes of their firing rockets (as has been the case in past days).

    The truth is HA win either way - - either they launch rockets against northern Israel and go unpunished, or if Israel kills civilians when retaliating the world castigates the country's actions.

    Lebanese should open their eyes, and get their act together. Standing united behind HA will only cause further damage.

    By Anonymous Spell-it-Out, at 4:19 PM  

  • My Israeli friends, can you leave Shirin alone, enjoy reading this post instead

    Neo cons new fiasco using Israel
    read update#4
    PEACE To Lebanon

    By Blogger Fares, at 10:43 PM  

  • Shirin,
    I wish you and all in the world a better day. Please dont hide your eyes to that fact, because it will come. Many bad, ugly, unfortunate devolopments happen in war and the word itself(war) should be something more appropriate. There is killing by both sides and neither holds more blame.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:57 AM  

  • Know this is off the topic but thought you'd like to follow what's being sad about QANA. it has generated a hot debate on British and American forums as well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:38 PM  

  • you know what the sad thing is?
    this war is not about killing or saving children and people. this war is, like 90% of all wars, about money. israel needs the water of south lebanon. why to pay for, if you could get for free? and by this they can test their new weapons and do something for there economy, cause, of course after war, they have to produce new weapons...

    By Blogger tinetayib, at 4:57 PM  

  • Hi Shirin,
    I think every reasonable human being who is not filled with hatred and prejudice would be shocked and devastated by the savage carnage of human life in Lebanon by the Israeli killing machine. It is really sad to see that most Israelis have forgotten their own suffering in their long history. I want to ask those Israelis, have you forgotten your humanity? Has hatred blinded your eyes? don't you see that what you are doing to the people in Palastine and Lebanon now is not much different from what was done to your parents or grandparents not long ago? I know there are a lot of Israelis who are reading and posting comments here. I expect the Israeli people of good conscience to write to their own government representatives and object to this senseless and savage aggression.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:24 PM  

  • Hi Tinetayb -

    You know what I think? I think you're mentally retarded.

    Go inform yourself before you say such callous idiosincracies!

    Since when does Israel use Lebanese waters???

    Get a grip, for crissakes.................................

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 PM  

  • Hello,
    Thank you all for your comments.
    Zouzou - i wont stop working hard for my country, thank you for your support.
    I will make new drwaings, and i hope people who see my drawings understand me, and understand the condition in Lebanon... I hope they will help to stop this war.
    spell-it-out i can see you care about the suffer in Lebanon, although we are not agree about the reason for this destruction in Lebanon. You do have intresting points... and i am going to do some reading on the internet about Hizbollah, Israel and the cause for the situation in Lebanon.
    Fares, thanks for that article...i can't believe someone actually used those poor little children just to tell the story from his point of view instead of showing the truth. It is terrible what happend in Qana.. and there is no exuse for that, Inshallah children won't suffer anymore, but it is very inportant to tell the truth... who is this man, is he a real reporter?

    With the Help of Allah the war will be over soon.

    Shirin from Lebanon

    By Blogger Shirin, at 4:09 AM  

  • Hi spell-it-out,

    Sure, in 1972, the british targetted civilians - what do you want, a lollypop?

    We targetted civilians before that at well - do you feel you deserve another lollypop?

    Targetting civilians is a war crime, and Israel, since 1972, today, and before, have targetted civilians - are you denying that?

    Regs, Shaggy

    By Blogger Shaggydabbydo, at 5:55 AM  

  • Hi Shaggy,

    Sure, in 1972, the british targetted civilians - what do you want, a lollypop?

    We targetted civilians before that as well - do you feel you deserve another lollypop?

    So why did you ask me to post you a link... Is that a case of convenient memory loss... Why is it so easy to criticise others????

    Targetting civilians is a war crime,

    Completely agree with you.

    and Israel, since 1972, today, and before, have targetted civilians - are you denying that?

    Yes I am denying that, Shaggy.

    The Israelis, unlike our memorable act in Ireland, do not target civilians. This is not saying that civilians don't die. These are wars. However, the civilians that do die are either in areas used to attack Israelis or are killed due to bad intelligence.

    Check the videos out. They're all over the web.

    That is the difference and the reason I first brought up the incident in Ireland.

    Whereas we have a clear example of civilians being targeted (by British troops to my dismay), we cant say the same about the Israeli actions.


    By Anonymous Spell-It-Out, at 5:56 PM  

  • I have been following what has been happening in Lebanon from the beginning and I think it is tragic. I cannot believe the world sits back and watches the innocent, the children, be targeted by bombs, day after day, and does nothing to stop it. There is no adequate justification for this, absolutely none. Is there no feeling for others left in this world?

    Targeting civilians is a violation of international law and human rights organizations have already publicly announced civilians are being targeted and issued reports.
    I am a Christian and live in the United States and I am so ashamed of my country and the fact that our bombs are killing the children of Lebanon. And we still are fighting an immediate cease fire.

    I can't believe so many people left such unfeeling responses here. And I bet those people are either from Israel or the United States. There is so much hate in this world. People in Israel hate Lebanon. In the US, we have been deceived and brainwashed into thinking that the war is related to September 11 and a part of Bush's "war on terror." I guess the children being killed are future terrorists and the family members are aiding and abetting terrorists so they deserve to die.

    What in the world does the murder of children in Lebanon, primarily Shiite Muslim children, have to do with the September 11 attack by Al Queda (a radical Sunni Muslim group) on The World Trade Center in New York City? Absolutely nothing. But after 9/11, my idiot President decided an adequate response to 9/11 was to make a list of "terrorist organizations" and set out to destroy them. He must rid the world of the evil forces of the world. On this list, he placed the names of all his enemies, and one of them is Hezbollah.

    The truth is children are being murdered. Whole neighborhoods and Shiite communities are being bombed. This is ethic cleansing. This is genocide.

    The truth is the terrorist here is Israel. Whenever an armed force carries out military operations so indiscriminate that they repeatedly result in the killing of non-combatant civilians, they are "terrorist" acts.

    Just like the Holocaust was not justified and just like the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not justified, the murder of children in Lebanon is not justified either.

    I will keep praying for peace in Lebanon.

    By Blogger Sherri, at 9:23 PM  

  • Shirin,

    I was just reading a couple of articles that lead me to believe this war was pre-planned by Israel and the United States. There is a Guardian article, and an article at that also refers to a Reuters article. (recent arms sales deals between US and Israel and US and moderate Arab countries). Israel had skirmishes with Hezbollah all the time. Why was Hezbollah suddenly such a threat Israel had to react so extremely? There was not even any attempt to resolve the issue diplomatically. Also, see the posts on the most recent lebanese bloggers article.

    By Blogger Sherri, at 12:46 AM  

  • Hi spell-it-out,

    "We deliberately targeted civilians. Israel didn't."

    Israel has a history of targetting civilians, one of the most henious is Captain R, who emptied his magazine into a 12 year old girl, said he'd kill a 3 year old with no problem, was tried, clear, then promoted.

    We can agree that the UK has done some pretty shitty stuff in the past, and I for one will not stand still if we do it again, however, when I see it happeneing, I get a little pissed off, and when I see how the Israel's treat the Pals, I get really pissed off.

    Regs, Shaggy

    By Blogger Shaggydabbydo, at 7:34 PM  

  • Sherri,

    Your comment really touched me..
    You are right - "Whenever an armed force carries out military operations so indiscriminate that they repeatedly result in the killing of non-combatant civilians, they are "terrorist" acts".
    But Israel is not the only armed force in the area which kill inocent civilians, Hizbollah also harm civilians - Israeli and Lebaneses.
    I hope with the help of Allah, Israel will be stopped and will be punished. And Hizbollah will leave Lebanon for good.


    By Blogger Shirin, at 4:03 AM  

  • I love to see so many psychic people in one forum, I find it utterly amazing. I wish I had the ability to know the intent of entire military organizations based on one incident that I watched on the news. Must be wonderful to have all that insight on how the Israelis are intentionally killing Lebanese children, probably with great glee, right? I know none of you psychics in this comment section have any preconceived opinions or biases or hatreds stored up.

    All I can do with my puny non-psychics brain is evaluate the evidence that I see. They suggest something very different than a lot of the posters here seem to 'know'. I can't see any evidence that this is a war against Lebanon, but a war against Hezbollah. It gains the Israelis nothing to target civilians; in fact it hurts their cause, so why do they do it, out of hatred? Please, all those with superhuman insight explain to me. Lebanon should have made an effort to fulfills the terms of the agreed upon terms of 1559. They not only failed to come to terms, they failed to even try. Why? Lebanon's politicians are afraid of the thugs that have dragged them into a conflict they weren't prepared to fight, that Lebanon claims she doesn't want. So now Israel does your dirty work and they get cursed for it.

    Whatever, in the end, Israel will be the only thing that can set you free and on a course of freedom where you decide your own destiny, where I weep for every child lost (I am a father of 2) and every civilian lost on both sides, but as far as the soldiers and the families of soldiers, I only weep for those on the side of Israel. Hezbollah is your undoing in my opinion. I can only speak in terms of opinion, as I just remembered I am not psychic and can't even pretend to know the intents of those involved. As a former US military service member for 8 years, I can tell you, having spent a great deal of time in the Middle East and working with Turk, Jordanian, Israeli, Saudi military personnel, they would rather spend time in Lebanon as tourist rather than soldiers. They are not inhumane, they are not cruel, they are however fed up with unprovoked rocket attacks and border raids/kidnappings, threats against their right as a country to exist, anti-Jewish (Don’t say anti-Semitic as Arabs are the largest Semitic group in the world today) sentiments in the region and in Europe, Palestinians and other Arab countries using state funded schools to teach children to hate the Jews from formatives years, sick of people telling them they don't have the right to defend themselves against their citizens and their territory, and people who attack then play VICTIME VICTIM VICTIM.

    When it's all said and done, if Israel succeeds, Lebanon and Israel will have more in common than they see right now. No one should forget the dead and the children who suffered from this, but they need to be honest about the true victimizer here, Hezbollah.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:46 AM  

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