Shirin from Lebanon

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mideast cease-fire must achieve 'a long-lasting peace'

Brandenburg gate.
I stand here at one of the most famous sites of my city. Less then 20 years ago a tall wall, hardly penetrable divided east from west Berlin. A wall of hatred and agony. Many many people died trying to pass it. It was the symbol of the cold war.
Today, the wall is gone, vanished into the pages of dark history.
I stand here and think about my beloved Lebanon. How much more hatred, and pain? How many more will have to be killed, wounded, seek refuge from the roaring air-bombers, from internal militia clashes, from political assassinations?
Deep inside of me, I know these walls of hatred, these tremendous powers of destruction can be taken apart and a better Lebanon for us all can be created.
I want us all to see the ruins of Thachia el ganuv rehabilitated into a lovely new peaceful neighborhood.
Maybe the cease-fire will symbolize the beginning of a new Lebanon…
As the dove symbolizes Peace.
Let it be, With the will of Allah.

Shirin from Lebanon.


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