Shirin from Lebanon

Sunday, August 27, 2006

South Lebanon

Who remembers now the names of the towns and villages in the south, those that suffered so much destruction during the war? All those usually un-famous little places, picturesque landscapes, suddenly stormed by war and sorrow.
Once captured the headlines of all media – TV, radio and internet. Now soon forgotten.
How can we make sure that those beautiful places will remain forgotten, but will live peacefully and flourish?
Seeing our national army's troops deploying to the south, gives me hope that a strong Lebanon will stand against all those external forces (Israel, but also the Syrians and the Iranians that created Hezbollah and pushed us all to this bloody war).
PM Seniora, May your tears symbolize the raindrops of the renewing Lebanon. The spring water of growth and power. With the help of Allah, This army will grow and be strong and have a stabilizing effect on Lebanon.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Go away!

So much agony.
So much pain.
The war is over, for the mean time and I am so worried about my country.
The south of Lebanon is almost completely ruined. Many civilians turned into refugees during the war, and now returned to find their houses ruined.
Was this worth it? The high cost of the war, and for what? I hear the voices from Lebanon – after the regular patriotic "blame the usual suspects", it is Hizbollah who is to blame.
Go away, Seid Hassan. Leave the lebanese and let them live their life with no wars and disasters.
We do not need heroes, we need more sense and wisdom.
Go away.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cease fire (but every thing inside burns…)

The fire has stopped. In the meantime, it seems very fragile and I pray to Allah that peace and quietness will remain in my beloved country.
It makes me sick to see all those overwhelming victory speeches. I understand the Lebanese peoples need to give the terrible events some kind of meaning, and blaming the Zionists is always the default but….
Why did it start in the first place? I know some Lebanese prisoners are being held for many years by Israel. I remember the negotiations to liberate them were productive. So why set the area on fire??
After years of rehabilitation, at the beginning of the tourism season, that was planed to be the most productive and enriching in years, why ruin it all?
I believe that other reasons, political and personal of people who do not care about Lebanon, stand behind Hezbollah's attack on Israeli troops last month. Those who started the fire do not see or care about the true interests of the Lebanese people. Perhaps they do care about foreign interests of other forces in the region.
Leaders and supporters of Hezbollah, How can you look at yourself in the Mirror and feel happy with all the destruction you got Lebanon into??
The fire stopped for the time, but my heart is burning.
People of Lebanon: It is vital that a Flourishing liberated Lebanon will be part of the world's free nations and not an isolated, defeated and ruined land, abused by others. Don’t let this happen to us again.

Shirin from Lebanon.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Loss of Innocence

It has been almost two weeks since the Qana event.
Since that sad day until now a lot has been said about that event on the media. The internet is full with pictures from the Qana ruins. Those pictures are hard to watch… bodies of little children…
During my reading about Qana I have noticed that many of the articles are accusing Hizbollah of using the bodies of Qana victims in order to strengthen the impression that it was a massacre. Bodies are said to have been brought from other places and put in the ruins to create such an impression. One of the newspapers here in Berlin coined the term "Hizbollywood" to say that they are treating this war as a film making set ( I thought the resistance (Hizbollah) are loyal. Loyal to Lebanon, loyal to Elhakika (the truth)…
At first I could not believe what I saw, I thought to myself that there is no way that someone will be cruel enough to take advantage of such a horrible situation in order to influence someone's opinion. But as I kept reading and saw all the researches about the events in Qana and what was shown on the media I have come to understanding that Hizbollah made up many of those pictures. They also have made up the numbers. At first the media talked about almost 60 dead civilians, and now we all know that the real number is 28. Why did they lie about it, isn't 28 dead Lebanese enough? What was the point except using Lebaneses citizens to strengthen the war effect ?
It is hard for me to admit that Hizbollah are lying. They lied about Qana, and this is probably not the first time they did so. And worst off all - they lied to Lebanese citizens and they used Lebanese victims to do so..
My country, my beloved homeland is not and should not be a stage for Hollywood film directors that play around with their own brother's dead bodies.

Allah Maana,

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mideast cease-fire must achieve 'a long-lasting peace'

Brandenburg gate.
I stand here at one of the most famous sites of my city. Less then 20 years ago a tall wall, hardly penetrable divided east from west Berlin. A wall of hatred and agony. Many many people died trying to pass it. It was the symbol of the cold war.
Today, the wall is gone, vanished into the pages of dark history.
I stand here and think about my beloved Lebanon. How much more hatred, and pain? How many more will have to be killed, wounded, seek refuge from the roaring air-bombers, from internal militia clashes, from political assassinations?
Deep inside of me, I know these walls of hatred, these tremendous powers of destruction can be taken apart and a better Lebanon for us all can be created.
I want us all to see the ruins of Thachia el ganuv rehabilitated into a lovely new peaceful neighborhood.
Maybe the cease-fire will symbolize the beginning of a new Lebanon…
As the dove symbolizes Peace.
Let it be, With the will of Allah.

Shirin from Lebanon.