Shirin from Lebanon

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cease fire (but every thing inside burns…)

The fire has stopped. In the meantime, it seems very fragile and I pray to Allah that peace and quietness will remain in my beloved country.
It makes me sick to see all those overwhelming victory speeches. I understand the Lebanese peoples need to give the terrible events some kind of meaning, and blaming the Zionists is always the default but….
Why did it start in the first place? I know some Lebanese prisoners are being held for many years by Israel. I remember the negotiations to liberate them were productive. So why set the area on fire??
After years of rehabilitation, at the beginning of the tourism season, that was planed to be the most productive and enriching in years, why ruin it all?
I believe that other reasons, political and personal of people who do not care about Lebanon, stand behind Hezbollah's attack on Israeli troops last month. Those who started the fire do not see or care about the true interests of the Lebanese people. Perhaps they do care about foreign interests of other forces in the region.
Leaders and supporters of Hezbollah, How can you look at yourself in the Mirror and feel happy with all the destruction you got Lebanon into??
The fire stopped for the time, but my heart is burning.
People of Lebanon: It is vital that a Flourishing liberated Lebanon will be part of the world's free nations and not an isolated, defeated and ruined land, abused by others. Don’t let this happen to us again.

Shirin from Lebanon.


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