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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Loss of Innocence

It has been almost two weeks since the Qana event.
Since that sad day until now a lot has been said about that event on the media. The internet is full with pictures from the Qana ruins. Those pictures are hard to watch… bodies of little children…
During my reading about Qana I have noticed that many of the articles are accusing Hizbollah of using the bodies of Qana victims in order to strengthen the impression that it was a massacre. Bodies are said to have been brought from other places and put in the ruins to create such an impression. One of the newspapers here in Berlin coined the term "Hizbollywood" to say that they are treating this war as a film making set ( I thought the resistance (Hizbollah) are loyal. Loyal to Lebanon, loyal to Elhakika (the truth)…
At first I could not believe what I saw, I thought to myself that there is no way that someone will be cruel enough to take advantage of such a horrible situation in order to influence someone's opinion. But as I kept reading and saw all the researches about the events in Qana and what was shown on the media I have come to understanding that Hizbollah made up many of those pictures. They also have made up the numbers. At first the media talked about almost 60 dead civilians, and now we all know that the real number is 28. Why did they lie about it, isn't 28 dead Lebanese enough? What was the point except using Lebaneses citizens to strengthen the war effect ?
It is hard for me to admit that Hizbollah are lying. They lied about Qana, and this is probably not the first time they did so. And worst off all - they lied to Lebanese citizens and they used Lebanese victims to do so..
My country, my beloved homeland is not and should not be a stage for Hollywood film directors that play around with their own brother's dead bodies.

Allah Maana,


  • dear shirin,
    i hope that someday you will be able to come back and live in lebanon,
    i am not sure if the story of qana is true but i will do a research about it and give you the truth( as much as possible)
    now hezbollah is launching rockets from everywhere between civilian houses, and israel doesn't carre for lebanese innocents are stuck between the fires of 2 terrorist organizations :the israeli army and the hezbollah..
    take care

    By Blogger EDO, at 6:02 AM  

  • I admire your ability to see the straw in your eye but not the log in the eye of your brother:)

    By Blogger Ostfen, at 6:36 AM  

  • Hi Shirin,
    Your blog is very touching, I saw you post on Lebanon.Profile's blog and was really impressed by your use of drawings to color your posts. By externalizing your feelings in the form of word and art, you make it easier to transcend the blinding hatred and rederick that clouds this conflict.
    As an american jew, I sympathize with the longing you feel to return from diaspora. Jews have a tradition going back thousands of years, that at passover we say, "next year in jerusalem". Seeing your homeland being destroyed from the relative saftey of the west leaves an aftertaste of helplessness. But I think that it is up to US, the ones who try to see truth through the paraniod conspiracy theories and demonization of the enemy. Its up to us to direct our concern and passion, towards bridging the gap between our vision for peace and the reality on the ground. Blind support of any side can only deteriorate the cause, because even the most noble cause is nothing without the people behind it.
    When we match justice on the basis of our own suffering, we turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. Human suffering should never be exploited for public relations. Hazbollah wants to inflate each cassualty as if it were not an end in itself.
    Lets stand up together to those whose vengence seeks to wash the entire region on the blood of the innocent.


    By Anonymous Ben S., at 8:27 AM  

  • Hi Shirin,

    I agree that using the death of civilians for propaganda purposes is very bad.

    I would also like to point out that the PM initially cried at the deaths of 40 in another strike, then when more reports came in suggesting only 1 died, he admitted his error.

    IMV, BOTH sides have used the deaths of innocent victims as propaganda* - truth is the first victim in war unfortunately.

    Lets hope each side steps back simultaneously, and a lasting peace can be found for all in the ME.

    Regs, Shaggy

    * - reports from Israel that a school was hit did not disclose that the school was directly next to a munitions factory which could have been the target.

    By Blogger Shaggydabbydo, at 12:45 PM  

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    By Blogger FaiLaSooF, at 4:12 AM  

  • dear shirin...i'm a big fan of ur blog, and it's amazing how you can express urself through ur drawings. But i have to admit i was SHOCKED when you said that Qana casualties were not true!. Dear, HA didn't make up the numbers, they are not even the ones who announced them. It was reported by the Lebanese Civil Defense, Lebanese Red Cross and Lebanese Minisitry of Health (not to mention world wide news networks, including the Israeli networks as well).

    Dear, Zionists would do anything to re-write the truth, don't believe everything they say. Believe your very own country men who LIVED the massacre themselves....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:22 AM  

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