Shirin from Lebanon

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Release your grip from Lebanon

Don't you have enough to deal with in Syria?
Do you feel good about the international isolation of your country? Do you feel good
about the Syrian slowing economy? You have tremendous problems of education and
illiteracy among the Syrian population. So why ruin Lebanon? How much longer will your
creeping hands manipulate the Lebanese scenario?
It is high time that you Take your sinful hand out of Lebanon, Stop the assassinations, stop
the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, and leave our nation alone.


  • Shirin,

    I love your drawings! keep up the good work! I hope that our country will get its peace soon, and everyone will be off our back!

    By Anonymous wally, at 2:05 PM  

  • There is one fundamental problem. The Baath party doesn't recognize Lebanon as an independent country.

    The odd thing is that Syria has its own water its own access to the Mediterranean Sea . In the other hand , Lebanon doesn't posess neither oil nor natural gas .

    So there are no logical reasons to understand the Syrian will to dominate neighbouring countries.

    The reason is the national-socialist Baath ideology. By the same ideology Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

    When all the neighbours recognize and respect each others souvereignity and uniqueness - there the lasting peace will come.

    By Blogger Emil , Jerusalem, at 5:02 AM  

  • emil: I think you're right about the nature of Baathist ideology, but I really think this is mroe about money.

    Although Lebanon doesn't posses anywhere near the same amount of natural resources Syria does it is still far richer. Countless members of Syria's autocratic regime have made millions of dollars off of Lebanon's back. Thats why they don't want to let us go, the ideology is a WMD's in Iraq were for the US invasion.

    Anyway, the pix of this site a really cool, good job.

    By Blogger Blacksmith Jade, at 8:29 AM  

  • shirin.. please dont stop drawing..



    By Blogger Lirun, at 3:10 AM  

  • Monday, October 2, 2006
    Text: President Assad's veiled threat to German troops in Lebanon

    President Assad's Interview with Spanish El Pais Newspaper
    Sunday, October 01, 2006 - 09:05 PM
    Damascus, Oct. 01 (SANA - Syrian News Agency)- President Bashar al-Assad
    summarized in an interview with the Spanish best selling newspaper of El-
    Pais Syria's stances over the regional and international developments,
    particularly after the Israeli war on Lebanon as well as several topics
    regarding internal affairs.

    ...On the safe return of the Spanish troops participating in the UNIFIL to
    their country, President Assad said that "if Spain or the other countries
    commit themselves to Spain's neutral stance, and not like the stance of the
    Germans who said they have come to protect Israel.these forces should not
    come to be part of the Lebanese problem.this means that if a later
    resolution is issued by the UN Security Council under the 7th Article, then
    these forces would become part of the problem."
    President Assad pointed out to Syria's cooperation with the issues of the
    existence of technical equipment to supervise the borders as proposed by UN
    chief Kofi Annan and the Italians. He indicated that these procedures are
    all "time wasting as they are an escape from the big solution."

    His Excellency added that "experience in our region over the past decades
    has proved that if resistance has a public support then it can get what it time should not be wasted in small things like this subject."

    The President pointed out that the countries concerned have no choice but to
    have confidence in Syria "because if there is a real desire in smuggling
    then neither the UN Security Council resolutions nor all technologies or
    armies of the world can prevent this process..there must be a return to the

    President Assad reiterated Syria's support to the resistance as long as
    there is occupation to the lands, particularly that our lands are also


    His Excellency went on to say that "our stance in Syria over the current
    situation in Lebanon is to encourage the Lebanese dialogue.but surely we
    support the Lebanese national trends which don't accept foreign

    On the situation of some arrested people in Syria, President Assad pointed
    out that nobody in the past intervened with the groups that continuously
    criticized the State in Syria.

    The President indicated that "the subject is quite different as there are
    groups from Lebanon which publicly and officially called on the US to occupy
    Damascus and strike Syria, and these according to the Syrian law have become
    in the enemy line, and any person or state that calls for occupying your
    country is an enemy.

    These groups have dealt directly with these forces.and there was an official
    meeting and direct coordination with them.and this according to the law
    immediately leads to prison because it's a dealing with an enemy."

    His Excellency pointed out that the number of those are more than 200, ten
    of them who were considered as responsible were detained, and then with the
    investigations six were released. "The trail proceedings are continuous as
    any other trial.there are lawyers..and other persons may be released.we
    don't intervene in the case as it has nothing to do with the opinion or
    something like's rather a case of relations with somebody who is
    considered an enemy."

    On the existing situation between Syria and Israel, President Assad said
    "the problem is linked to two sides not one side..this situation is linked
    to one thing which is peace.or maybe war if there is no peace process."

    Ahmad F. ZAHRA / Mazen

    By Anonymous Hamid- Liban, at 6:07 AM  

  • Tuesday, Oct. 3, after Hizballah completed its redeployment, the southern commander who orchestrated the rocket bombardment of Israel, Sheikh Nabil Qauq, made his first appearance since the war. He announced that his forces had regrouped, fully armed and in command of rocket supplies, in exactly the same positions facing the Israeli border as they had occupied when they went to war on July 12.

    This statement is fully confirmed by military and W. intelligence sources which locate the enclaves Hizballah has cordoned off as closed military zones:

    1. Majdal Zoun south of Tyre, from which Nahariya, Acre, Carmiel and Western Galilee were bombed. The Nasser rocket brigade has returned to its posts there with a fresh supply of rockets, as well as the launchers and crews which escaped Israeli counter-attack.

    2. Jouaiya, the strategic village occupied by the IDF during the war, has been roped into the Majdal Zoun “military area,” providing Hizballah with full military control of the Tyre district and the ability to bombard UNIFIL headquarters and bases.

    3. Siddiquine south of Kana.

    4. Deir Amess.

    5. The road approaches to the large village of Tebnin in the central sector of the South are blocked.

    Our military experts explain that control of Sidiquine, Deir Amess and Tebnin afford Hizballah’s military deployment command of the strategic Jabel Amel mountain region, and its focal points of Haris, Kafra and Aita e-Zott villages. From there, Hizballah fired rockets at Haifa. They were also the centers of the advanced electronic sites from which Hizballah tracked Israeli troop movements across the border and eavesdropped on their signals.

    DEBKAfile’s sources also provide detailed information on the Iranian-Syrian arms supplies sent openly into Lebanon on Oct. 2.

    In early September, DEBKAfile began reporting on the 25 Hizballah arms dumps maintained for easy access on the Syrian side of the Lebanese border. Damascus was thus technically complicit with the 1701 arms embargo. The Syrian Al Qusayr air base south of Homs and opposite the Lebanese town of Hermel was given over for the use of the forward Iranian Revolutionary Guards command. Since the ceasefire, Iranian air transports have been landing arms for Hizballah at this facility almost daily.

    Saturday, Sept 30, Syrian military supplies and maintenance units at this air base prepared a convoy of six trucks for a trial run to test the response. Two were fully loaded with miscellaneous rockets, including Katyusha, anti-air and anti-tank missiles, four with mortars, heavy machine guns and ammunition.

    This convoy crossed the border at a central road junction connecting the Syrian village of Qusayr with Mt. Lebanon, and headed southwest to Hermel. Another two arms convoys stood by on the Syrian side of the border, waiting to see if the first one was allowed through. Since both the IDF and UNIFIL sat on their hands, the next two will soon follow.

    What the international forces did next on Tuesday night Oct. 3 was to publish its rules of engagement These are the main clauses:

    The force's commanders have sufficient authority to act forcefully when confronted with hostile activity of any kind.

    UNIFIL personnel may exercise the inherent right of self-defense, as well as "the use of force beyond self-defense to ensure that UNIFIL's area of operations is not utilized for hostile activities."

    The peacekeepers also may use force "to resist attempts by forceful means to prevent UNIFIL from discharging its duties under the mandate of the Security Council, to protect U.N. personnel, facilities, installations and equipment and to ensure the security and freedom of movement of U.N. personnel and humanitarian workers."

    Also the use of force may be applied "to protect civilians under imminent threat of physical violence in its areas of deployment, within its capabilities."
    All these locutions are open to broad interpretation.

    For instance, “hostile activity” could apply to an attack from outer space since there is no mention of “Hizballah,” “Syria or “Iran.” The “arms embargo” ordered by Resolution 1701 is another unmentionable. “The civilians” to be protected are likewise undefined. UNIFIL’s commander has full discretion to decide whether or not it is aplicable to a Hizballlah rocket attack on Nahariya.

    Since UN commanders have state explicitly they will only act with the permission of the Lebanese government and army (in which Hizballah holds the power of veto), there is no way that the international force can carry out its duties as mandated by the UN Security Council.

    By Anonymous Idris-Liban Sud, at 6:16 AM  

  • Shukran Shirin & Ramadan Karim

    Love your drawings. I placed a link on my blog, i hope that's OK with you.

    By Anonymous yuyume, at 9:53 AM  

  • very nice work - keep it up

    By Blogger fadibou, at 12:07 PM  

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  • Shirin you idiot do you know anything about history?
    You say "our nation", do you know where Lebanon was created from?
    Can you show me a map of a country called "Lebanon" before 1926?
    I dare you!
    Actually i will put $100 us dollars on it.
    Lebanon is exactly like Kuwait, didn't exist before the colonial powers came to the middle east.
    One last time, i dare you to show me ONE, not two, just ONE map of a country called "Lebanon" before 1926.

    By Anonymous Barabie & Ken, at 8:20 AM  

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  • To Barabie & Ken: what's your point? Is there a map that has a nation called Syria on it before the colonial period? Ummm... no. An area known as Syria, but not a nation. The whole region is a patchwork of colonial bordered countries. You can learn to live with it... or you can fight to the death over a historical fantasy. You choose.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 11:44 AM  

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